The tropical climate with hot and humid weather almost year-round with less winter and monsoon in maximum parts of the country! The summers of India are quite harsh with intolerable heat and owning a dog in such weather is sort of difficult. In such a scenario, owning a dog breeds best suited for Indian climate is a great choice to give proper care and environment to the dog for their growth and health. If you are planning to bring a dog home, here are some of the dog breeds recommended-

Best Breed of Dog is most suitable to the Indian Climate


Labrador is the best dog breeds in Indian climate. It is no doubt that Labrador is the most common dog breeds in India. The silky and soft undercoat of Labrador keeps it warm and dry in chilly climate and an external coat is hard that aides in repulsing water. It is important to take care of its coat. It should be groomed and brushed to keep up its shine. The normal weight of the Labrador is between 25-34 kg and they can grow up to 32 inches tall. Labrador can be found in light brown, dark brown, black, golden, cream, and beige color. They love to eat which leads to weight gain; therefore needs plenty of exercises. This friendly, loving, playful, sensitive, and caring dog is also child-friendly, making it the best dog to keep.


Pomeranian pooches are a breed of the Spitz classification. They are the direct offspring of the German Spitz breed. The plenteous finished coat of this dog breed requires regular grooming and brushing to keep it healthy. Pomeranian is little pooches that grow up to 5 to 11 inches and weigh about 1.9 to 3.5 kg. It is important to take care of their coat during shedding season as they shed a ton of hair. This playful, enthusiastic, and child-friendly dog breeds doesn’t require a lot of activity, as they have active nature. Due to their dynamic nature, Pomeranian makes a great choice for guard dogs. Also, low maintenance is another factor with this dog breed.


Pugs need no introduction. This breed is amongst the imperilled dog breeds and moderately uncommon in India, yet at the same time, it has become favorites of dog lovers. Small in size, pugs can grow up to 12 inches in height and can weigh around 6 to 8 kg. These affectionate pooches have dark bulging eyes filled with spark and wrinkly faces. They tend to put on weight fast so their eating habits need to be checked. Pugs make the best dog breeds in Indian climate for the cool region of India. A humid and hot environment can make them suffer heatstroke as they have a tiny nose. Pugs can be chosen as a pet in the hot regions of the country, but they need to be taken care of during the summer season. They are the perfect pets for those living in a small apartment with lesser space.

German Shepherd-

German Shepherd is also known as Alsatians and is an easily available dog breeds in India. They make fine watchdogs with their great personality, courage, intelligence, and alert nature, and have their unfazed loyalty towards their keeper. The German shepherd is amongst the most good looking, elegant, and courageous dogs, that grow around 25 inches tall and weigh around 34-43 kg. The life expectancy of this breed is around 12 years. The German shepherd is one of those dogs who can be easily trained but require a lot of energy to handle because they are agile and very strong dogs. The coat of this breed is small to average and doesn’t require extra grooming; just regular grooming will do well. Mostly they are used for security dogs and are referred to as GSD because of their excellent smelling capability. Most of them are friendly but some of them can be forceful and fierce as well.


They are another best dog breeds in Indian climate. Doberman has a thin and sleek body shape making them great security dogs. They weigh around 35-40 kg and can grow up to right around 30-34 inches tall. The furious looks and active behaviour of this breed can scare to outsiders. Doberman is very intelligent which helps to train them easily. They are strong, agile, have great stamina, can run very fast, and are very faithful towards their owners. As far as their grooming is your concern then let us tell you that they are very low maintenance dogs. All you have to do is to brush their coat once a week to keep them clean and groomed


Dachshund is a perfect dog for those living in small apartments. There are three varieties of this breed- the wire-haired, the Shorthaired, and the long-haired. Dachshund comes in two sizes- miniature and standard. They are short and have a long-stretched body with an average height of up to 15 inches and weigh approximately 6.5 to 11.5 kg. Dachshund is generally found in black, red, brown, tan, and chocolate colors and has a life span of 12 to 15 years. They are kind of dogs that need less exercise and less food, yet tend to put on weight. It is a funny, intelligent, energetic, affectionate, and active dog.


As we hear Dalmatian, it reminds us of the movie 101 Dalmatians, right? With the unique spots all over their long body, this dog breed is popular amongst kids. Dalmatians are a very friendly, simple, and lively dog to own a pet; they are very active and require a lot of activity and playtime. The base color of its body is white with brown or black unique spots all over the body. Dalmatians are born in white and as they grow, spots start to appear after 3-4 weeks. The athletic built of Dalmatians helps them to run very fast with their little and round feet. They can grow up to 24 inches and weigh around 28 kg. The life span of this dog breed is 13 years. Dalmatians are one of the best dog breeds in Indian climate and are suitable for the warm region.

Apart from the above-mentioned breeds, there are few more that are best dog breeds for India climate such as Indian Pariah, Boxer, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Caravan Hound, etc. Owning a dog may look easy but the tropical climate of the country makes it hard for pet owners to take proper care. Make sure to give your dog daily walks, exercise, nutrition, and regular check-ups to keep them healthy.